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healthy womanVibrant health instills positive energy, happiness and motivation

We feel on top of the world, we are full of ideas, we are ready for new endeavors and exciting adventures. We can’t wait to start new projects, get out and socialize, exercise and share our energy with others.

Is this an image you see yourself in? Hopefully so. But the truth is, many of us can’t quite join in this powerful state of vitality. Instead, we feel dragged down by work pressures, family issues, quarrels with friends, professional demands, political upsets, and many other unsettling experiences – be they real or in our perception fed by
anxiety and fear.

Our ability to fight harmful microbes that can cause sickness is always at risk

Any one of these circumstances cause us stress and uncertainty, worry and anxiety. They drain that positive energy, excitement and vitality that we wish to portray in our lives. They rob us of our sleep and living a healthy lifestyle. We get distracted and stop exercising, eating properly, and maybe seek refuge in bad habits such as excessive alcohol or sleep aids.

Any of such reactions weaken your mental state, as well as your physical strength. Your immune system takes a beating, which makes you susceptible to infections and illnesses especially during the cold season, or during those months when the common cold and flu go rampant across many states affecting thousands of people.

Our immune system is a group of organs well designed to effectively fight foreign intruders and defend our bodies against bacteria, viruses, parasites and other micro-organisms. Between generating anti-bodies and pathogens to kill and suffocate harmful intruders to flushing out toxins and waste our body’s immune system is an intricate and well-designed system responsible for our health and well-being.

What can we do to support our natural defense system?

  • Diet – eat a healthy diet rich in unsaturated fats, proteins, and devoid of sugars and simple carbohydrates. Load up on vegetables and don’t skimp on healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil. Put simple carbohydrates and processed foods back on the shelf and choose whole grains instead. Avoid GMO foods and choose organic over conventional foods. And be conscious about the amount of fruits you consume. Fruits, while touted as being healthy, also contain high amounts of sugar that are not the best for your body.
  • Exercise – any kind of exercise that gets your blood flowing, makes you sweat and increases your heart rate will do. Be it active, aerobic exercise such as running, a consistent workout such as hiking, or the mind calming practices of yoga – they all contribute to improved health and well-being.
  • Stress – reduce your exposure to stress. This may be a challenge and seemingly impossible to achieve if the source of stress is work or school, family or someone you are close to being sick. There is an abundant source for stress and worry. Best you can do to battle the negative effects of stress is to exercise above two options of eating properly and keeping your body moving.
  • Sleep – ensure you get sufficient snooze time. A solid night’s rest and deep sleep are crucial to strengthen your immune system and enable your body to be fully prepared for what life throws in your path.
  • Limit Bad Habits – cut back on alcohol and smoking. Needless to say, either – if consumed excessively, weakens your immune system and we all know smoking is simply bad for you – no ifs or buts. While the centennials in the Mediterranean regions swear to their daily glass of red wine contributing to their old age, excessive drinking weakens your immune system, and puts higher demands on your kidneys and liver.
  • Live – socialize with family and friends and surround yourself with people that exhibit positive and supportive energy. Let their vibrancy build you up and inspire you – the positive effects on your health are subtle but they strengthen your mental and physical well-being.

Even if you eat healthy and exercise, the challenges of today’s life and exposure to environmental influence may still not sufficiently prepare your immune system to fight off external harmful attackers. Supplements can be an effective addition to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the most important supplements to strengthen your immune system are oregano oil and olive leaf extract.

wild oregano plantWild Oregano contains high levels of carvacrol which is known to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is known to fight infections and reduce inflammatory reactions within the body. Oregano oil supports gastrointestinal health as well as battles allergens and candida. Taken at the onset of any abnormal physical condition, it can ward off inflammation and infections in the making.

olive leaf extract capsulesSimilarly, Olive Leaf Extract is also an effective immune system booster. It contains oleuropein, which lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and protects against oxidative stresses on the body, which can trigger inflammation and strain neurological functioning.

If you are not so much into taking supplements, essential oils can be a suitable substitute to improve your body’s immune defense. Essential oils have been used since ancient times to improve health and overall well-being. Essential oils are aromatic molecules extracted from flowers, herbs and other plant materials that are highly concentrated, and like oregano and olive leaf, have medicinal properties.

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One in particular, Kandala Immune Support Essential Oil Blend is a highly effective blend of Lemon, Frankincense, Palmarosa, Copaiba, Petitgrain and Dill Weed – all of which are known to boost and strengthen the immune system.

Kandala is a very reputable, woman-owned company specializing in providing natural products for skin care and hair products.

This well composed blend of oils can be used in a diffuser, or can be combined with body lotions & creams and applied topically. For direct inhalation, a few drops added to a cloth or aromatherapy necklace, or simply taking a few sniffs directly from the bottle will do the trick. Not only will the pleasant scents make you feel good, but the aromatic molecules once unleashed within the body will release their healing powers where the body needs it most.

It takes some focused efforts to maintain good health. Hopefully, these tips and suggestions give you some practical ideas that will help your efforts will pay off.

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