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The Foundation for Good Health

Vibrant health instills positive energy, happiness and motivation We feel on top of the world, we are full of ideas, we are ready for new endeavors and exciting adventures. We can’t wait to start new projects, get out and socialize,

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Avoid These Toxins Especially If Pregnant

The foods we eat and the chemicals we use in and outside of our homes can contain many toxins. When pregnant, you should be extra aware of these many sources of toxic exposure that may put you, and your unborn baby,

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Strengthen Your Immune System with Olive Leaf Extract

Infrequent Illness is Among the Most Obvious Signs of Good Health Even if you’re not aware of it, your body’s immune system does an excellent job of protecting you from the untold numbers of harmful, crippling or even fatal disease-causing

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Reduce Stress to Live a Happier and Longer Life

Focus on What’s Most Important I recently came across this excellent article about how to “downshift from a busy day so you can relax and reconnect with the ones you love.” This article offers some seemingly simple tips that are

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The Best Antiviral Supplements and Immunity Boosters

The Need For Natural Antiviral Supplements The vast majority of illnesses are spread via viruses for which there are no treatments available. Antibiotics target bacterial sources of infection and are useless in combating viruses, except for possibly preventing a secondary

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Boycott These Top GMO-Loving Companies Now

These are the brands represented by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). The GMA is a powerful front for businesses that want to profit from GMOs in our food without telling us. Boycott these deceptive brand names and send a message

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Dangers of NSAID Pain Relievers

How NSAIDs Cause Harm Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a group of substances that work by blocking the body’s COX-2 enzyme. This enzyme controls production of prostaglandins, the body’s inflammatory hormones. By blocking COX-2 and therefore prostaglandin production, pain and

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The Dangers of Radiation and How to Protect Yourself

FLASHBACK TO 1945 The Manhattan Project in World War 2 is about to release a new type of weapon, a new type of energy source where its power is so immense that it can obliterate every single living thing with

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Best Sweeteners for Diabetics

Preventable But On The Rise Rising rates of diabetes have made this chronic disease a part of everyday discourse. Despite growing appreciation for the importance of this problem, the real gist of what drives the development of diabetes remains somewhat

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Discovering Massage Therapy: At the Corner of Self-Care and Wellness

An Introduction to Massage The allopathic (Westernized medicine) culture of taking a pill is slowly dying. More consumers are educating themselves, recognizing there are alternative ways to addressing their wellness needs, and are taking note that perhaps a multi-pronged approach

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