The Health Benefits of a Full Body Cleanse

healthy young womanWhen it comes to food consumption…

… the “Clean Plate Club” has been officially ruled-out of the good-for-you category. Not only do excess calories lead to a whole host of obesity-related health problems, but did you know that it’s also been linked to shortened life expectancy?

Excessive food overwhelms the digestive system, making the elimination of toxins less effective. Fortunately, there are a myriad of cleansing and detoxifying plans, several of which will be reviewed here, that can help gain control of appetite, stimulate weight loss and rid the body of accumulated chemicals. Read more ›

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Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

woman drinking almond milkA Healthy, Non-dairy Alternative That’s Low In Sugar

We’ve received a lot of letters from readers that just love our Peruvian Hot Cocoa recipe. We would like to say Thank You to everyone for your kind words. With all of the health benefits of cocoa, it’s something that everyone should incorporate into their diet.

But we’ve also received a number of questions about the almond milk in our recipe, from people who are concerned about processed, store-bought products. Our reader Michelle, Read more ›

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Health Benefits of Chocolate and Cocoa

dark chocolateChocolate Is Divine

Literally. The plant from which chocolate is derived, theobroma cacao, carries the lofty name meaning “food of the gods.” The moniker was first assigned by the Mayans and is defended today by chocolate lovers the world-over.

But what is it that creates such devotions to this ancient food source? The answer involves the abundant health promoting and feel-good compounds of cacao (or cocoa). These compounds create complex flavors while stimulating neurological pleasure centers so intensely that the effect can be recreated simply by thinking about chocolate! The health benefits of cocoa, however, extend beyond the Read more ›

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Peruvian Hot Cocoa Recipe

hot cocoaTry this Microwave Recipe for a Quick Cup of Healthy Hot Cocoa

Did you know that cocoa is one of the healthiest food sources in nature? Yes, it has many disease-fighting properties and helps reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. And recent studies suggest that cocoa consumption can reduce cognitive Read more ›

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Now Is The Time To Make Your New Year’s Weight Loss Plan

new year weight loss planLosing weight and staying fit can take some work…

But as with any job, having the right tools will make your task easier, quicker and more rewarding.

Most of us have a very busy schedule, be it because of work, family, or other activities that we enjoy, but that nevertheless put a strain on our time. During those full days of activities, it sometimes gets difficult to prioritize and focus Read more ›

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Could Eating All That Fruit Be Making You Fat?

fruitFruit is an important source of vitamins, nutrients and fiber.

It’s also a long-held favorite dessert in many parts of the world. Just like any other after dinner sweet, however, excess fruit sugar contributes to weight gain as well as a host of Read more ›

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Sleep Better, Look Better, Feel Better

woman sleepingWhat You Need To Know About Sleep

There’s no denying that a good night’s sleep can make a world of difference in performing daily activities. Almost everyone experiences sleep disruption at one time or another and understands how it can make ordinary tasks seem nearly impossible. This effect is not only a perception but also a signal as to how profoundly sleep affects the general state of health. Incredibly, even short term sleep deprivation is associated with slowed reaction Read more ›

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Which Is Better, Fast or Slow Weight Loss?

tortoise and hareOr Is There More To Weight Loss Than Just Fast And Slow?

A very common question in the world of weight loss is whether to lose weight slowly or quickly. Which will have the longest lasting effects? Which will be easier to accomplish? There are pros and cons to both sides of this age-old question that has left many people unsure of how to proceed on their weight loss journey. Read more ›

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Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C – A Safe Alternative?

vitamin CVitamin C has been linked to numerous health benefits

But unlike popular public belief, significant dosages are not contained within normal multivitamins. Higher doses of Vitamin C can be taken through injections or IV by a doctor; however, this often is poorly tolerated by the body and causes abdominal pain or diarrhea for many. Therefore, liposomal encapsulated vitamin C is a practical alternative for receiving a high dosage, without the discomfort. It allows the Read more ›

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil

olive oilOlive oil contains monounsaturated fats, making it considered to be a healthy fat. Replacing saturated fats in the diet with monounsaturated fats offers many health benefits while reducing the risks for certain health problems. However, monounsaturated fats are not the only reason olive oil is beneficial to health. Other ingredients in olive oil also offer protection to the body, but these are available in Read more ›

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