Month: January 2014

Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

A Healthy, Non-dairy Alternative That’s Low In Sugar We’ve received a lot of letters from readers that just love our Peruvian Hot Cocoa recipe. We would like to say Thank You to everyone for your kind words. With all of

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Health Benefits of Chocolate and Cocoa

Chocolate Is Divine Literally. The plant from which chocolate is derived, theobroma cacao, carries the lofty name meaning “food of the gods.” The moniker was first assigned by the Mayans and is defended today by chocolate lovers the world-over. But

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Peruvian Hot Cocoa Recipe

Try this Microwave Recipe for a Quick Cup of Healthy Hot Cocoa Did you know that cocoa is one of the healthiest food sources in nature? Yes, it has many disease-fighting properties and helps reduce the risk of heart attack,

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